Terms and Conditions

Last updated July 2017


Payments and Deposits

All orders placed online must be paid in full. This also applies for orders done directly at our shop. For our makeover service, we accept reservations at least 15 days prior to the event. 50% of the payment must be paid upon reservation while the other 50% will be paid once the service is done. We accept payments in cash, credit card, check or money order.

Cancellations and Refunds

For all orders that have already been placed in our system, cancelation and refund is not allowed. For our makeover service, cancelation is allowed at least 5 days before the event. You won’t be required to pay the remaining 50%, but we will not refund the 50% down payment. For payments made earlier than 15 days, cancellation and full refund of the payment is allowed. There will be no refund for costumes that don’t fit in or items that didn’t match personal expectations. Refund or replacement will only be allowed for items that have been wrongly delivered. Items that didn’t arrive as promised will be refunded in full amount.

Fixed Cost

The cost of the items and services published online are fixed. The company reserves the right to make the necessary adjustments without prior notice. Changes will only apply once the new prices have already been published.

Additional Payments

We only sell costumes, toys and accessories. All these items are to be paid in full. Costume rental service is not available at our shop. Additional payments will be made for every guest who will avail our makeover service. The same rule applies for every extra item bought from our shop.

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