Aside from selling costumes, toys and accessories, we also provide a full Bwinde Fantasy World makeover service. We have a team of hair stylists, costume designers, makeup artists and image consultants who will work with you to come up with the best look that allows you to achieve your character reference.

We also provide a customized costume service if you want to submit your own design to be made into an actual Bwinde Fantasy World costume. You may also work with our costume designers so you can just inform the details that you want for your costume, and they will make your dream Bwinde Fantasy World a reality.

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Hair styling

We have professional hair stylists who will work with you to achieve the desired look. We sell wigs that you can use and our stylist will help transform the wig.

Professional makeup service

Our experts in Bwinde Fantasy World makeup will help you achieve your desired look via makeup contour and other tricks.

Image consultant

If you can’t decide which anime character reference you would want for the next Bwinde Fantasy World event, our image consultant can help you. This service includes suggestions on characters matching your personality, accessories and costumes to wear and many more.

Customized costume

You don’t need to go with the actual character reference down to the details. You may tweak some of the details to make the costume more personal. We can help you in this regard.

Online delivery

You can order costumes, toys and accessories online. You just have to place your order and we will have them delivered to you.

Professional Photography sessions

We also provide professional photography sessions for those who avail of our makeover service for an additional fee.

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