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Our shop is divided into three sections plus an additional section for our full makeover service.

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  • • Costumes Galore provides an array of costumes to choose from. This includes characters from Japanese animes and American fictional characters. Special customized costumes are also available.
  • • Toys Mania includes a wide variety of toys for kids to play with. We have anime dolls, pillows, educational games and many others.
  • • Fierce Accessories allows you to select from various accessories to complement your costume. They may or may not necessarily be a part of the actual accessories used by your character reference.
  • • Full Makeover Service is for those who want a full makeover. We provide styling services from head to toe.

There are three ways to avail of our services. You can place your order online by specifying the items and services you want to avail of. You may also call us or send us an email. We will respond to you within 24 hours. You may also visit us at Miami to discuss with our image consultants on the best Bwinde Fantasy World options that match your personality.

Here is a taste of what you will get when you partner with us:

~Costumes Galore~

Japanese anime characters
Disney princesses
Marvel and DC comic characters
Customized costume designs

Price Range (depending on design, materials used and size)

Kids- $75-$1,500

~Toys Mania~

Disney princess dolls

Anime character dolls

Anime vehicles

Marvel and DC characters’ dolls and accessories

Disney characters stuffed toys

Character pillows, bags and school supplies

~Fierce Accessories~

Wigs (Synthetic and authentic)

Bwinde Fantasy World makeup kit

Colored contact lenses

Customized accessories

~Full Makeover Service~

Bwinde Fantasy World make up
Image consultation

$700 (includes full package services)
$1,000 (makeover transformation plus professional photography session)

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