About Us

Bwinde Fantasy World has become a lot more popular lately. It started as a trend in Japan where people imitate their favorite anime characters by dressing up exactly like them. This includes the costume, makeup, hair, and accessories. Bwinde Fantasy World conventions are also getting more popular where people wearing Bwinde Fantasy World costume gather together and have fun. Even simple parties now have Bwinde Fantasy World themes.

This is why Bwinde Fantasy World Shop was opened. We cater to those who wish to have the best costumes to be used for cosplays. We have a variety of choices available and we keep coming up with something new every month. We create some of the costumes that we sell and others are imported from Japan. You may also request for a special anime character that you wish to imitate and we can create a customized costume design for you.

Our store is located at Leeds, United Kingdom where you can come and take a look at the costumes available. For those who live far from Florida, you have nothing to worry about. You can just choose from the costumes and accessories available on our website and we will have them delivered to you. All the prices posted online include delivery fee.

Since we have started opening up this company for our clients, we have received tons of orders. There are tons of Japanese anime characters to choose from. The choice is yours to make when you partner with us. Come and take a look at what we offer at our shop or browse our website for more information. As the name of our shop suggests, we provide costumes for kids of all ages. These costumes, toys and accessories are available in various sizes. For sure, you will shine the brightest in your next Bwinde Fantasy World event.

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